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Feathering the Nest: Expert Tips For Creating a Backyard Bird Sanctuary

Published on June 21, 2023 by Ryan Castillo of

Are you passionate about birdwatching and want to create a haven for our feathered friends in your backyard? Building a backyard bird sanctuary is an enriching and rewarding endeavor that not only invites an array of bird species to your home, but also contributes to their conservation and well-being. From planting native plants to providing nesting opportunities and water features, this Redfin article will help you create a vibrant and sustainable sanctuary where birds can thrive. Whether you’re renting a home in Spokane, WA, or you just bought a house in Charleston, SC, get ready to immerse yourself in the wonders of nature as we explore the essential elements of designing and maintaining a backyard bird sanctuary.

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Our Wild Neighbors

One nice thing about the rescue center is its location on country parkland. This location means there is an abundance of different wildlife species all around us. In the early Spring we hear a resounding chorus of spring peepers, a heartening sound which indicates that the wetlands close to our center are healthy and clean.

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Fall is a pivotal season for wildlife – How can we help?

Many will have noticed that with the shortening of days and cooler weather there is an increased activity among our wild neighbors. Small mammals that rely on food stores like chipmunks and squirrels are gathering everything they can get their little paws on, animals that hibernate are preparing their dens and burrows and many birds are on the move, flying to warmer locations. With this increased activity comes increased risk but the sense of urgency each animal feels to complete their seasonal tasks is rooted in the fact that it’s a matter of survival. We can help them by doing just a few simple things. Continue Reading


The Art of the Release

As the weather cools and days get shorter, time grows shorter as well for the release of many animals in our care.  Releasing an animal back into the wild is the goal, the hope for every patient that enters our facility and when the happy day comes that the animal is ready it is cause for celebration indeed.  But it’s not a matter of simply opening up their cage outside and they merrily scamper or fly away.  The release is a much more complicated process which requires thought and planning for its correct execution.  

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Mallard Duck Caught in Oil Spill

If anyone needs a dramatic illustration of the importance of clean water to our wildlife, this poor mallard duck is it.  When this duck came to our hospital 5 days ago she was so saturated with black oil that her species was hard to identify.  Our staff went right to work to clean her but several dawn baths later, the oil still clings to her feathers. We are hopeful for her recovery but you can see from the last photo that she will need many more treatments to completely remove the oil contaminants.  Please be careful with toxic substances near our waterways!  Of course, accidents do happen so if you witness a spill please report it right away to the DEC or coast guard.

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