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Bird Rescue Instructions

If the bird is not listed, feel free to contact our 24-hour wildlife hotline at (631) 728-WILD (9453).

Remember, not all wild animals need our help. Each spring and summer, thousands of baby birds are unnecessarily “rescued” and brought to veterinary hospitals, wildlife centers, or worse yet, kept as pets.

The most common phone call to our center is “a baby bird has fallen from its nest.” Most often, the bird has attempted its first flight from the nest and has become victim to the well meaning rescuer. Hopefully, this website will assist you in determining when a bird actually does need help. If not, you can always call our 24 hour wildlife hotline at (631) 728-WILD (9453).

If cats are threatening a baby bird, simply frighten the cat away before any reuniting of babies.

Most babies can be successfully reunited with their mother if they are not injured. A wild animal’s place is in the wild. It is illegal to possess wildlife for longer than 24 hours without proper State and Federal permits.

Contact Us With Any Questions
If you are out of the area and need help with an injured animal, please click here:



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