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Whether you’re a country bumpkin or a city dweller, you’ve all seen the antics of our most common squirrel, the […]

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Raccoons are extremely intelligent and resourceful creatures, possessing a seemingly boundless curiosity. They are able to adapt to a wide […]

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One of the most fascinating creatures to share Long Island with us is the Virginia Opossum. These nocturnal creatures occupy […]

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The Eastern Cottontail Rabbit can be found in almost every type of habitat and breed in our area from early […]

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Consider yourself lucky to see a red fox in your backyard! They are extremely smart and wary creatures. Although they […]

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The largest and the most controversial mammal indigenous to the remaining forests of Long Island’s East End is the white-tailed […]

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Bats are yet another fascinating and often misunderstood animal which call Long Island their home. Bats are the only mammal […]

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